Broncos are too much for the Chargers. Denver or San Diego? A tough choice.

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OK, OK….my 15 loyal followers. I haven’t been inspired lately so I took a break.¬† I grew up in Denver, I saw the Broncos play when they had the yellow and brown vertical socks. I remember Frank Tripucka and Cookie Gilchrist. So, I understand the football history in the Mile High City.

But now, I live in San Diego and tonight I’ve had to take so many abusive calls from relatives, rubbing in the Broncos decisive victory over the Chargers. I give. The Broncos are the best team in football. Ronnie Hillman, a San Diego State product, has been amazing. They have more gifted receivers than any team in the league. Their defense is improved. Together Von Miller and Demarcus Ware are the best sack masters in the NFL.

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So, watching the game tonight, I made the mistake of saying, “I could live in Denver.”

“What, said my lovely¬† wife? We’re not moving again. It’s too cold there, too much snow.”

“Hold on. I didn’t say we were moving. I was just appreciating what a great sports city Denver is and I miss that. I have relatives there, I love to ski and hang out in Lo-Do.”

“Well, if you’re going, go by yourself. ”

“No, I love San Diego. The weather is perfect, the beach, the wonderful sports teams…….wait…..San Diego State basketball is the only proven winner in town. The Chargers have promise but have a long way to go to catch the Broncos. And the Padres. The who?

Late at night, with wifey asleep:

“United Airlines.”

“Yes, I need to book a flight to Denver.”


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