Miami 37 San Diego 0 How did this happen?




1 2 3 4 Total
Chargers 0 0 0 0 0
Dolphins 7 13 17 0 37

miami vs san diego

The city of San Diego is totally bewildered today. Talk show hosts are clueless, columnists struck dumb, fans mystified by the total collapse of their football team on Sunday.

How can a seemingly good football team, fall completely apart. The Chargers did nothing right and everything wrong. The local paper here, The Union Tribune, issues grades following Chargers’ games. After Sunday’s game, every aspect-offense, defense, special teams, quarterback, receivers, running backs, secondary, pass rush, everything got F’s and some even got F-.

Ryan Tannehill celebrates a TD

Ryan Tannehill celebrates a TD

Philip Rivers was on an MVP course but had the worst game of his career and was intercepted three times. He had little time to throw and was under pressure all day. The running game doesn’t exist. Nada, nothing, zilch. The smurfs don’t cut it.

The linebackers were awful, the secondary pathetic, the coaching horrendous.

I’ve never heard of a game where professional journalists can’t explain away a defeat. This game was an exception. Nobody has an explanation for what happened Sunday in Miami.

The team shouldn’t even watch the game films. This was the worst horror movie ever made. Forget this game and move on. With a bye week to recover, the Chargers will soon get some injured players back including Mantai T’eo, Melvin Ingram and a badly needed Ryan Mathews.

What should Charger fans do?  Take four shots of Cuervo and look ahead to the Raiders’ game.

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