Baltimore Ravens release Ray Rice after the release of new video

The Baltimore Ravens today released running back Ray Rice after viewing a video that showed showed him punching his girl friend, now his wife. The video appeared on TMZ this morning and after viewing it, the Ravens terminated Rice’s contract. Shortly after that, the NFL suspended Rice indefinitely.

Ray Rice

Ray Rice

The video was in addition to earlier video showing Rice dragging her out of the elevator which resulted in NFL commissioner Roger Goodell suspending Rice for two games. The light penalty caused a public outrage and Goodell later strengthened the NFL’s domestic violence penalties to six games with a permanent ban for a second offense.

The release of the new video raises some questions. Why didn’t the NFL have the newest video? If they didn’t have it as the league claims, why was it witheld and by whom? Did Ray Rice tell Goodell that he had punched the woman? I doubt it. And what about Rice’s apology. Did he mean it or was it just for show?

I don’t know about you, but I am getting sick and tired of hearing and reading about the thugs in the NFL. NFL stands for the National Felony League but as I’ve said before, the league is bullet proof. We are so addicted to NFL football, that fans hardly blink at each incident. Will these crimes ever affect the league’s popularity? I doubt it. That’s all for now. I’ve got to go watch the Chargers’ game.

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